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Thread: Official Convention Thread

  1. Official Convention Thread

    I know a few members attend conventions but not enough for each convention to have its own thread (besides maybe PAX). I should be able to hit up more conventions this year than I did last year. My next convention is the classic arcade and pinball convention, ZapCon, here in Phoenix and a week later I will be attending WonderCon one for day in Anaheim. Did anyone in the Northwest go to Emerald City Comic Con last week?

    Here is what I have going on this year

    Phoenix Comic Con
    San Diego Comic Con
    Saboten Con
    Comic Media Expo
    Tucson Comic Con

    I have my own little corner of the internet that I cover this stuff on, but I don't think anyone on TNL is from the Southwest besides Super Eggroll. I've gotten the hook up on press passes a few times because of my site which makes doing this even more enjoyable. My favorite part of doing my site so far? Having Rob Liefeld post a link to an article I wrote about at a convention he was at, called it a "great article"
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  2. Going to Wizard World St Louis on Saturday, plan on meeting Bruce Campbell, Jason David Frank and possibly Nathan Fillion.

    Also, buying all the Deadpool and Boba Fett stuff I can get my mitts on.

  3. Nathan Fillion will be here at Phoenix in June. I can only imagine how long the line will be crazy long.
    "Remember, not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck."
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  4. #4
    Next one I'm going to is a retro game con. The Portland one sounds amazing.
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  5. Hoo-boy. I've been involved with a few of these things before I allowed myself to pull away. They can suck the life outta ya.

    Attending is a double-edged sword, though. Certain cons are just boring and not due to lack of events. It's all the crowd. There NEEDS to be a balance between the awkward trilbies + obnoxious anime/Homestucks and honest-to-goodness, grounded adults that are passionate about their hobbies.

    I've seen this difference recently in LI-CON, which was the first convention where I've spent a bunch of time in a while. Also, I staffed it, which I haven't done in LONGER. MAN, that was a blast. It had the right staff with just the right mix of people. I fully recommend LI-CON when it comes around again for NY and NJ locals. And you guys KNOW I wouldn't have said the same thing about the previous iteration of this. Good stuff.

    I don't typically do too many cons unless I'm involved, though. I've worked and designed for BakuretsuCon in Vermont and was also on staff at the first year of Steampunk World Fair. My Otakon and AnimeNext days are sadly behind me. I've always wanted to get to ConnectiCon and Anime Boston, though. Someday, maybe?

    Big conventions like New York Comic Con tend to piss me off, though. Just a sea of sweaty bastards and cosplay photo-ops (just walk on through, guys). Want to do something? Wait on line for three hours. What else is there to do? Wander around and buy things. NYCC was wonderful on the least crowded day when one still existed. Now? Not so much.

    Do TNL people hang out at any cons besides PAX? I'm not sure if I'm ever going to have the time/cash to get there.

  6. RF owns PAX.

    And that's about it.

    Mykk is at pretty much every anime con failing to get laid.
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  7. I'll go grab a beer with any TNLers coming to town for Otakon, but the "going to Otakon" ship sailed about 12 years ago.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bbobb View Post
    RF owns PAX.

    And that's about it.

    Mykk is at pretty much every anime con failing to get laid.
    He's in NYC this weekend for Mocca. Then he's going to PAX next thursday. I have no idea why he doesn't just stay in a cheap hotel in NY til Thurs.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    a cheap hotel in NY


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