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Thread: Fargo

  1. I liked season one after it stopped trying to ape the movie, and season two was fantastic. Three started off promising but turned to garbage incredibly quickly.

  2. I have loved all 3 seasons. Finishing up the first again right now and absolutely love the cast. 3 was a bit anticlimactic, but still was great overall.

  3. Every season is worth watching.

  4. They are all good. I think season 2 was my favorite -- I was on the edge of my seat waiting week to week for it. Not to say season 3 is bad, but I wasn't quite as invested in as many of the characters. (They're still pretty great.) The Ewan McGregor / dual acting thing is really awesome and impressive, but did distract me a little just thinking about him playing both parts.

  5. Season 3 is the worst one, yet still great. Noah Hawley on an off day is still better than 99% of everything else on TV.

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  7. Looks good. Glad they made another season. 2 is still one of the best seasons of tv ever IMO.
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  8. I'm excited.


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