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Thread: Fargo

  1. ...I'm not saying he's imaginary the whole time.
    Just that maybe when Lester needed him most.
    Lorne seems the type to squeeze out a basement window?

  2. Now I gotta rewatch the episode.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Lorne seems the type to squeeze out a basement window?
    Absolutely. He doesn't seem to be the in your face flashy type, it was time to disappear.

    Plus it looks like it's being shown in chronological order so Colin Hanks wouldn't make any sense.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    The commercials make it look like a low-rent copy of the movie. There's the quirky woman cop. Here is the sleazy down-on-his-luck business guy. There is the shady criminal pair. etc.
    This is exactly how I feel after watching the first episode. The dialog just feels like a dopey, cartoonish imitation of the way people talk in the movie, and it's distracting and stupid instead of funny.

  5. I liked it, and I was all set to be a real snob about it too. It sort of lures you in with the familiarity of the characters and then twists them around a little bit. In the movie, the crime at hand is executed messily and spins out of everyone's control; this crime seems to have tied itself up nicely. And that speech that BBT gives to Colin Hanks at the end of that first episode? Snap.

  6. My real problem is the uncomfortably poor attempts at humor. Fargo was a hilarious movie, and this likewise attempts to ape that humor but it's so clumsy it makes me cringe. Like the younger brother that repeats everything with a "Yeah," or the hooker's bad accent... all of it just seems so utterly forced. Terrible.

    The thriller aspect of it may be working, but they should just drop the humor altogether if they can't get it in the ballpark.

  7. It was a pilot. They're all bad.

  8. This show keeps getting better.
    Billy bob's best work since sling blade.

  9. It really is. I especially liked the bit about Stavros' dad finding the money. Didn't expect that.
    Fire can damage Jason the most, but please don't do it. He's so HAPPY.

  10. That was a nice little hook. Another great episode.


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