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Thread: Fargo

  1. This show is fucking awesome.

  2. I was honestly surprised with Lester coming up with a good idea and actually doing it almost perfectly.

  3. I can't believe no one is watching/talking about this.
    Everyone was up the yellow kings ass, despite its flaws. This show is fucking amazing and it seems to be ignored (not just tnl).
    I can't think of a single mediocre performance, let alone disappointing.

  4. I didn't like this weeks episode very much. Seems like it could have been told faster, hopefully just a good ramp up for next week.

  5. I thought it was fine. Established how things have moved on, but not really. Showed that Lester could have it all, but is still such a fucking weasel.
    Odenkirk cracks me up.

  6. That Malvo keeps using the "raw" line from Kill Bill bothers me...

  7. Fucking A.

  8. Why did Lester confront him at the hotel? What did he want to accomplish? Obv no one would think anything like that shit would go down, but wouldn't you fucking duck and cover if you saw him again? You know he's a psychopath, wtf.

  9. Lester tricked the police and got the girl. He wanted to gloat. Hey lorne, look how well Im doing for myself.
    For a year, he thought he was a badass too. Didn't take much to remind him of what he really is, a weasel. And with a snap of the fingers, bam, he was ready to sacrifice anyone to protect his own ass.
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  10. "Shit, Lester."

    I don't want this to end. Who would have thought that two shows spun off of existing material would be some of the best tv going.
    Fire can damage Jason the most, but please don't do it. He's so HAPPY.


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