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Thread: Fargo

  1. Are there any plans to throw s1 on Netflix or VOD or just re-air it? There is nothing on and I wouldn't mind checking this out.

  2. I can show you the world.

  3. Decided to get this last night. Watched the first three episodes and had to force myself to stop. Damn good show.

  4. Finally got around to watching this. Fantastic so far. 5 eps in.
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  5. It's really good. I hope they don't pull a True Detective on us with season two, what with the completely different cast and story. At least it's gonna have Bruce Campbell as Ronald Reagan.

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  6. Finished it. I had no clue that this was suppose to be so good. I guess I wrote it off as some cheap movie knockoff. Hopefully they don't blow it with season 2.
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  7. I don't think that they will.

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  8. Season 2 starts tomorrow night. New cast looks great.

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    Kieran Culkin was great, such a punchable douche in this.

  10. Great start to the season. I didn't recognize Kristen Dunst at all.


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