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Thread: Fargo

  1. Fargo

    The TV show! Yeah, who knew they'd be crazy enough to try this. The movie is great (watch it again if you haven't recently) so this has some serious boots to fill.

    I think FX picks up some of the best shows and the cast has some real knock outs (Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Bob Odenkirk and executive produced by the Coen brothers) so after seeing the promos I was ready to give it a shot. First episode was on Tuesday and it ruled so I'm in for the ride. It feels similar to the movie in tone, but it's a different murder story told in 2006. I'm not sure how they are going to keep it going for 10 episodes, but after that pilot I'm hoping for the best.

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    Yeah, no complaints on the first episode. It's really well done. I should watch the movie again. It has probably been ten years since I last watched it.

  3. The commercials make it look like a low-rent copy of the movie. There's the quirky woman cop. Here is the sleazy down-on-his-luck business guy. There is the shady criminal pair. etc.

  4. The framing is the same yes, but the parts are moving around differently. Lorne (BBT) is the Gaear Grimsrud of the show, who seem to be in the same 'industry' but are very different people. He meets Lester (the Will H Macey of the show) under very different circumstances. Lester isn't sleazy, much more Walter White in the beginning. Lorne's actions pull Lester into him, who further spirals into trouble. The quirky female cop is about the same, but really it's just someone in a small town who's really good at their job. The reach of this story looks to be bigger as the movie never really left the town.

    I think the biggest hurtle is "Fargo, the TV show? Really?" when you first hear of it. From the first episode there's nothing low rent about it. It's worth checking out.

  5. So now that you've seen the first episode...was it really Lorne who shot Vern?

  6. I hope not.

  7. Yes. Most likely.

    I'd say it's a straight shot of a story right now.

  8. then where did he go? He walked down into the basement, and was gone. Also, he just happened to know that Lester had a gun all set to go in the bathroom?

  9. He's very sneaky, look at his hair!

  10. The basement had windows.

    And there were witnesses who saw two men talking at the hospital. He's not imaginary. Stahp


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