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Thread: Landmark: Everquest Minecraft Edition

  1. Landmark: Everquest Minecraft Edition

    I know I gave out a small pile of keys so some people are playing, at least a little, but is anyone else poking around the servers? I'm on Serenity, although I forget which sub-area. I've got a screwed-up claim I'm going to let lapse (accidentally sunk too far into the earth so I can't clear the top areas) and nothing built. Anyone done anything interesting with it?


  2. If you guys want to make a TNL spot, let me know and I'll play there.

  3. I haven't claimed or built anything, just upgraded my gear
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  4. That's pretty much all I've done too, but having a home base to store some machinery would make it go easier.


  5. Also on serenity. Upgraded. Collected. Claimed. Tried to build and got frustrated and went back to collecting. I have a guy named Sheex. We should build together or whatever!

  6. Can you make a claim for multiple people? Claim TNL needs to happen.


  7. You can allow access which (I think) is the same thing. Permission on a file/folder and such.

    I've got lots of materials and working on upgrading my silly axe now. Lots of clicking. Reminds me of a MMO without MOBs which is surprisingly alot like a MMO with MOBs. Weird.

  8. At least now you only have to click once on trees and it automatically chops away until harvesting is complete. Progress!


  9. Made a claim SE of Arch (Tier 1) on Serenity. It's just a hole in the ground at the moment. I did make some ghetto stairs, though!


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