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Thread: Target 3X Trade In Jamboree

  1. Target 3X Trade In Jamboree

    Target is doing some wild shit where you can trade in games for 3x what they'll give you on the website.

    For example: Need For Speed Rivals (PS4) has a base of something like $18, they'll give me $54. I paid $60 and have had it since November.

    Go clean out your closets, jerks.

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    Oooohhh nice. I need to shovel some 360 shit off my shelf

  3. Yup, there are a handful of 3DS games that I've completed that are getting the boot with only a net loss of $3/4.

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    Limit 3. Fuck.

  5. per transaction.

  6. Yeah, I'm going during lunch and bringing my coworker. OR, you may get somebody who will just do multiple transactions for you.

  7. These have taken a dive. Still better than Gamestop, and around what you'd get on eBay now.

  8. Should have taken my South Park in yesterday. It went from $56 to $30
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  9. Yeah, I got in right under the wire. Ended up with around $200.

  10. $48 for Madden 25 and $45 for Battlefield 4.

    I'll take it.


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