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    Arena of Fate (PC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    ORIGINAL STORY 10AM BST: Crytek has released a teaser video announcing PC "and consoles" game Arena of Fate, due summer.

    It's probably a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA), in the vein of Dota 2 or League of Legends.

    Arena of Fate is described on YouTube (via VG247) as an "action-packed online multiplayer game", in which you step into the shoes of "legendary heroes from history and fantasy". Then there's the word "Arena" in the game's title, and a shot of two heroes going head-to-head in the CGI trailer.
    UPDATE 1.30PM BST: It's official. It is a kind of MOBA, although details are thin.

    Battles are five versus five, and characters are people such as Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper and Baron Münchhausen. Game director Vesselin Handjiev mentioned Robin Hood, Joan of Arc and Little Red Riding Hood, although it wasn't clear whether they're in the game or he's simply selling the premise.

    Crytek Sofia in Bulgaria, which made Knights of Honor and WorldShift, is making it.

    Last but not least, Arena of Fate is part of Crytek's games-as-a-service idea, which I can't find much more information about. I can find the subscription-based CryEngine-as-a-service idea, so presumably this follows a similar kind of thinking.

    I pressed Crytek about which consoles the game was coming to but was told nothing more. Perhaps deals are still being signed.

    The game's going to be at E3 and beta tests start on PC this summer.
    UPDATE 1.45PM BST: Oh look, the official Arena of Fate website is live. Mentions characters Fenrir, Tesla, Joan of Arc, Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood. You can sign up for the beta there too.

    I'm clueless with regard to MOBAs, but if I were to play one, this cast of characters would be quite compelling.

  2. This market is becoming seriously oversaturated. Fighting games all over again!

  3. That trailer was kinda cool but traditional MOBAs are sooooooooooooooooo boring. I hope this is at least over-the-shoulder or something.

  4. MOBA?


  5. They should have called it League of Extraordinary Legends.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    this cast of characters would be quite compelling.
    But, that cast is essentially what League of Legends is already. Just the most obvious and derivative character tropes possible, casting the widest net. Eventually LoL had so many that their newer designs started conforming to a unified internal vision, and it's better for it.

    I'll agree that the MOBA structure is super stale. Even Heroes of the Storm, an entry I hoped would have to refine the genre characteristics in to something fun (in typical Blizzard fashion) is just the most boring thing. Games like Smite at least mix up the mechanics.

    I'm waiting for a MOBA that focuses on fighting game elements instead of the arbitrary minutia of leveling, map control, and economy. Like, a fleshed out Powerstone.

  7. Smite is almost that. I play it with a 360 controller, and you can dodge most attacks by jumping and evading. If you want Street Fighter like fighting, there's Guilty Gear 2. Unfortunately, that came out way before MOBAs caught on, and no one knew what the heck it was at the time.
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