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Thread: Your Kickstarter Report Card

  1. Your Kickstarter Report Card

    So, now that it's been two years since Double Fine blew up Kickstarter, I thought it would be interesting to go through all of my backed projects and see which have delivered and which haven't. My criteria for pass/fail here is just a very subjective "Was it worth backing?"

    I'm only including project's who's expected release has come and gone, and I'm being reasonable if the project has shown promising progress even if they haven't delivered a finished product.

    Pixel Sand: FAIL Ė Project scope completely rethought. A couple very rough prototypes released, but no meaningful progress in a long time and no evidence that the money had any influence on the project whatsoever

    Double Fine Adventure: SUCCESS Ė Only the first half has been released so far, but itís excellent, and the second half should be out this year, so Iím reasonably happy with how this panned out.

    Takedown: FAIL Ė Game shipped unplayably buggy and died a quick death. Some patches and content updates followed but too late for anyone to care. Horrific fail.

    Leisure Suit Larry: SUCCESS Ė One of the first adventure kickstarters to deliver, it was a solid remake with mediocre graphics and a funny rewritten script, which was all that was really promised. Unfortunately, antics with Replayís CEO alienated Josh and Al and it looks like there will be no more Larry in the future.

    Two Guys SpaceVenture: FAIL - Extremely slow, unclear progress, well over a year past the original projected release date, and still no release window in sight. I guess thereís still hope, but Iíve grown very pessimistic that it will meet my expectations if and when it finally comes out, so Iím just marking this as a fail.

    Jane Jensenís Moebius: FAIL Ė Delivered a complete game, of better-than-expected production value, but it just isnít a good game. Worst of all, the writing is a huge part of why, and believing in Jane as a writer was my primary reason for backing.

    Carmageddon: Reincarnation: SUCCESS? Alpha released on Steam Early access. The game is still very early, but will likely deliver on promises.

    Tex Murphy: Project Fedora: SUCCESS Ė This one more or less justifies the Kickstarter movement to me. Itís a pure love letter to the fans that never could have existed any other way, and playing it and finally getting some closure on the story and a chance to revisit Chandler Ave was incredibly gratifying for me. This was a dream project for me and it lived up to my fantasies.

    Jack Houston and the Necronauts: UNDETERMINED Ė This has shown some interesting progress, but itís still totally unclear if the game will be any good.

    John Kís Cans Without Labels: FAIL Ė Totally mismanaged. First networks became involved, then the project ran out of funding and now John K is working on it off and on in his spare time maybe. Delivery of physical goods has been slow as well.

    Elite: Dangerous: SUCCESS Ė This is shaping up very well from what Iíve seen, and while itís been overshadowed by Star Citizen, it looks very good in its own right.

    Bill Plymptonís Cheatiní
    : SUCCESS Ė The filmís delivery is being held up so it can make an Oscar-qualifying premiere but it looks lovely and Iím sure it will deliver.

    Freedom Planet: SUCCESS Ė Should be out on Steam shortly and seems to have shaped up nicely.

    7 Success, 5 Fail, 1 Too Soon to Call. So that's a 53% Success ratio. So I guess the conclusion is that Kickstarter is still a major gamble, but I'd say overall, what I've gotten out of it is worth what I spent, thanks to a few projects that panned out that were very important to me.

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    Nothing funded: SUCCESS

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  3. yeah, one fund for me, I give myself a B+

  4. I funded one: Ascension for PC and Android. It's a year behind schedule, the beta is terrible, nobody is getting their rewards, and updates from Stone Blade stopped a few months ago. And that's not even the worst part.

    The worst part is that they are (or at least were) planning on letting their agreement with Playdek, the developer of the amazing iOS version, lapse. I hope they reconsider after this abortion.


  5. I've funded nothing.

    Buying a game you don't know if you'll like or will be completed? What is this Vegas?

  6. Broken Age, the Alltynex series, and Mighty No. 9.

    Broken Age is slow but coming along. The Alltynex series is localized and released and Steam keys are being sent out as each game makes it onto Steam. It's too early to tell with Mighty No. 9.

  7. I have a ton of kickstarters backed, mostly board games. I don't really feel like typing up the list but they have been by and large successes I would say.
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  8. Yeah, in general board gamers seem to have much more reason to be happy with Kickstarter than video gamers.

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    I backed and then backed out and then bought anyway an Ouya. It was worth the $100.
    The only other thing i've backed was a comic Art book (giggle) that Hero did a piece for. I received it, but havent opened it.

  10. Gave zero shits.

    Received zero shits.

    If Shenmue ever enters the Kickstarter conversation, my too-cool-for-the-room attitude goes right out the window.
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