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Thread: Terminator: Genisys

  1. Also:
    "Now that man I'd hate to fight. She wears underwear with dick holes in 'em ..."

  2. Sigh. It looks EXACTLY like every other Terminator movie ever made. Based on this trailer there is zero reason for this movie to exist other than to cash in on a franchise that has been already been beaten to death and beyond.

  3. This franchise has been dead in the water since 2, and I liked 3.

  4. #324
    1 and 2 is all you need. Things were already getting hokey by mid 2

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    This franchise has been dead in the water since 2, and I liked 3.
    They made a third?

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  6. Too bad - the Terminator franchise had huge potential and just keeps finding ways to blow up its own legacy further.

  7. I'mmmm gggooooiiiinnnngggggg hhhuuuunnnntttttiiinnnngggggg.

    I didn't detect any spoilers for major plot points, trailer fail.

  8. Also: David Goyer is the worst. He's a hack that takes other people's cool creations and makes them lame.

  9. I remember liking T3 but I haven't seen it since it came out, I think. I always want these to be good so I'll be optimistic until I can't be. I like Tim Miller as a director and <3 Mackenzie from Halt and Catch Fire.

  10. I was a T3 defender, but last time I watched it the Three Stooges of it got to me. Way too much out of place "humor."


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