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Thread: Terminator: Genisys

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    Have they made a Terminator game where the T unit is like a buddy or an assist yet? Can I have a pet Arnold yet?

  2. There's a game where you play as a T-800, and it has a one liner button. That's about as close as you'll get.

    And Dole's right, it wasn't that bad. There were sone very, VERY heavy handed homages to the other films, and part of the end was straight ripped from T3.
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    I'm not a devious man by nature... but when you're unarmed, your tactics might gonna be downright Archimedean.

  3. Doke?

    *EDIT* Thx for correcting that typo, son.
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    It was a pretty good action movie, a pretty meh Terminator movie but still better than 3 and Salvation. There were some odd leaps of logic to progress the story but I can ignore that. A lot of the action was very PlayStationy, none of the exoskeletal Terminator scenes really looked as good as T2.

  5. It's officially a flop. It opened at #1 in the U.S. with $29 mil but when a movie costs like $185 mil that's a drop in the bucket.

    It's most likely the last Terminator movie we'll ever see...but I'm pretty sure they said that about the last two movies as well, so who knows.

  6. Dark fate indeed.


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