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Thread: Soylent

  1. They shipped me a scoop, a pitcher and (allegedly) a tshirt, but no Future Food yet.

  2. Eat the t-shirt.

  3. If it comes to it

  4. probably tastes about as good

  5. They say it tastes like cake. Do your t-shirts taste like cake?
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  6. Update: I ate nothing but Soylent yesterday. I will eat nothing but Soylent today. It tastes pretty ok, I mean, if you're used to protein powder then you'll have no issues with this stuff. There is a faint smack of coffee maybe? My farts are mind bogglingly rank, but I feel pretty good. You drink a cup of this stuff and hunger immediately vanishes. It's really weird.

  7. But does the hunger stay away for as long as, say, if you ate a meatball hero?

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    Mmmm... meatball hero....

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    Soylent is the future! Unfortunately, the future smells.


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