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Thread: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS), new Intelligent Systems turn-based SRPG - NEW: Enemy movement update

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    Honestly, that's about as bad as a steampunk SRPG with live battles could look. Hopefully the gameplay is better than the look.

  2. Local and online multiplayer announced, as well as the North American release date of March 13th.

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    The demo is up.

  4. Cool. Downloading now.

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    The art style is still terrible, but the game does look a lot better on the smaller screen and in 3D. It reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles with a pinch of Freedom Force. I hope it supports the CPP/C-stick, because the touch screen camera/aiming is obnoxious. It does have some cool gameplay concepts though. The demo took me from "GTFO" to "maybe after a price drop," so that marketing tool worked.

    edit: It's the sixth most interesting retail release in March!
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  6. The options menu allows you to change to CPP controls. Y, X, B, A buttons also controls the camera.

  7. I recently played through the two missions of the Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. demo, now having the chance to replay the first mission with all four characters unlocked after the second mission. Fairly sure that I obtained all of the medals with Henry Fleming and John Henry initially, I'll check later to see if there's any other incentive to revisit it. Very much like what I played, and am definitely looking forward to the full game now.

    Keeping the camera strictly behind the characters in your party as opposed to the typical turn-based SRPG overhead camera is a smart and interesting touch, as it not only focuses the game on the colorful Agents of S.T.E.A.M. (which is probably a better title for the game), but also amplifies the elements of strategy and positioning in taking on the alien menace. Feels different when you can only see what your characters see and enemies might suddenly appear throughout the environments.

    I used the buttons for camera control but would also welcome the C-stick of the New 3DS XL serving that role. Speaking of New 3DS capabilities, I wondered if using the Fire Emblem characters via amiibo figures would put your regular cast at a disadvantage by not being able to gain experience, but actually the demo reveals only character-specific skills and weapon customization as opposed to a stat-based leveling system, so that's exciting.

    Also, I liked the added challenge of finding the medals in each stage/chapter, and at least from the demo, the soundtrack sounds great. Lot of voice acting too, and sounds like they did a good job with it as well.
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  8. I agree, keeping the view strictly to team members' field of view is a real interesting take. It's like a top-down's "fog of war" without needing one.
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  9. Having played about 4 hours of Code Name S.T.E.A.M. and just finished Mission 3-2, some quick impressions so far:

    Starting the game, I was asked if I wanted to carry over what I earned from the demo. Did so, bringing over the medals and unlocking three sub-weapons. Good incentive for checking the demo out, I'd say.

    The visuals and the 3D effect are probably among the best on the system. The Jack Kirby-inspired art design works incredibly well, and I've also liked what I've seen of the environments. There are character and enemy profiles in the library that you can check out, with each accompanying portrait enclosed in a small but fantastic use of the 3D. Voice acting is top-notch and the soundtrack, from what I've heard so far, is good. I really enjoy the unique characters with their individual abilities and primary weapons, while at the same time being able to customize sub-weapons and unlocking new boilers (thanks to acquiring the three gears in each mission) which have different capacities, recharge rates, and potential bonuses.

    It's such an interesting game as to how it's designed, so if you enjoy playing the demo, you're definitely going to like the game. Without question it is a strategy game, but the action elements - such as trying to move your character from cover to cover before triggering the enemy's overwatch, or striking the weak points of enemies depending on your position and aim - really do make it unique and more enjoyable, I find. Strategy and positioning are key, patience is valuable (especially with overwatch being a useful tool), and attrition plays a part for sure. Tied to this new perspective is the alien movement, which has been mentioned quite a bit, but didn't bother me in the demo and doesn't bother me in the game.

    Difficulty seems about right: not easy, not extremely challenging. Although there's been no shortage of new enemy types as I've progressed and you must account for what they can do, as they can make things difficult until you figure out how to deal with them. Don't think for one second that the enemies you see in the demo are all there is to see, there's much more. I restarted Mission 3-2, which features what could be considered a boss at the end of a challenging map, a few times and ended up spending some medals at a save point to restore my party's health (including a fallen character) and steam. Although doing so allowed me to acquire more medals and then qualify for the full party bonus at the end of the mission, so it balanced out.

    I've definitely enjoyed what I've played so far and look forward to playing more.
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