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Thread: Anyone Going to DragonCon (Atlanta, Aug. 28-Sept.1)?

  1. I got friends doing pre-parties and lots of em are going. I don't plan on it, but I know they'll drag me out for after parties.

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    I'm not going to Moose Factory down there in August. It's plenty hot here.

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    Probably going

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    Here. But sure what anyone is doing other than walking around

  5. I've got a friend being a Female Captain Hammer during the Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long Blog stage play that's either today or tomorrow.

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    I'll be there today. I think one day this year will be enough for me
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  7. I'll be around tomorrow!

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    Are we even going to try to get together for a drink?

  9. Just be sure to remember to call them and wake them up.

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    If they gave me their numbers I would.

    When would you like for me to call you tomorrow?


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