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Thread: Anyone Going to DragonCon (Atlanta, Aug. 28-Sept.1)?

  1. 9am PST please. I have to rent a van to get this gear to the practice spot.

  2. This is a weird weekend with all the football, dragon con, pride parade, imagine music festival, book festival all going on AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    9am PST please.
    God damnit, buttcheeks.

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    I was in bed before you posted that.

    Should have called me to let me know imo

  5. I didn't get to meet up with anyone.

    I had lots of free time too, since my brother was at a shit ton of steam punk panels. I ended up going to the vendors for comics.

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    You douche. I messaged you a bunch. We could have looked at butts together.

  7. Wonder why he didn't answer back.

    j/k. I remember when we were supposed to meet up at the mother fucking magic kingdom but it was raining cats and dogs.

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    That was my friends first time. I felt so bad for him.

    I hear February is the best time to go. Best temp and shortest lines. Anyone want to meet up or is there any point in asking if Josh isn't going?

  9. I only had my phone, and it was a pain in the ass to respond to anything. The YouTube app doesn't let you send messages, so I couldn't respond to a friend there, and by the time I saw Facebook messages, it was too late. The friends feature in the DragonCon app kind of blows, too. I'm going next year, so we can coordinate beforehand to get each other's info and stuff.

    I put up a video of the trip, so enjoy!

  10. There is that one thread over in that one place that has TNLers contact info...


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