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Thread: Anyone Going to DragonCon (Atlanta, Aug. 28-Sept.1)?

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    I was there for only a day and I still caught something. Throat started getting itchy on Tuesday. Thanks a lot, Dragon*Con.
    My phone number was in the phone number thread, but I had a hard enough time coordinating with other people I was trying to meet down there. Let's plan for something in advanced!

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    It was pretty nuts. Pretty sure they were breaking fire code all day, everyday

  3. Fuck the police.

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    It's begun again. I'll be wandering around all weekend this time.
    Why are you reading this? go to your general settings and uncheck the Show Signatures box already!

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    There too. Pretty sure I sat in front of doc hammer dressed as a guy from law and order while watching bill from mst3k do a fake game show.

  6. @Melf are you going to Dragon Con this year?

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    I think he said something about a panel. I want video.

    I have to leave town Friday to fly back to work the weekend. Otherwise I'd be there.

  8. I'd be down to see the panel. I'm planning on Sat/Sun this year, but might make an appearance Friday night.

    Add my friend code like a noob if you're going:


  9. I don't know what those numbers are supposed to be. Or who you're supposed to be, for that matter.

    I'll be around Friday night and Saturday, mayyyyybe Sunday. Gonna be at Melf's panel for sure.

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    Get video.


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