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Thread: Hey TNL Artists, Want To Compete for a $250 Prize?

  1. Hey TNL Artists, Want To Compete for a $250 Prize?

    As some of you may know, I am opening a new game store. I have a guy who can take an image, blow it up into a a big vinyl covering and slap it onto one of the front windows.
    Here's an HHR the boss had this guy do a wrap for.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyway, I would like a Smash Bros-esque picture containing various characters from various systems and eras and I'd like one of you guys design it. If at least a handful of you would like to participate, I'm offering $250 to the artist whose layout and art I like best. I completely understand if no one wants to devote the time and energy in doing a complete piece only to find I don't want their submission, so rough black and white sketches or whatever is fine. All I need at this point is an idea of who you're including and a sense of the layout.
    Obviously heavy hitters like Mario and Sonic should be featured prominently, but use your imagination and add whoever else you like (Bonk, Polygon Man, Shantae, Punky frick' Skunk, whoever!). I think at least 15 characters should be included, but if you want to george perez the shit out of it, awesome. I'd probably lean more towards the piece with a lot of characters. The window is approximately 6' by 6', so there's lots of room.

    Caveats: I would need the finished piece in a month's time, month and a half at the latest, and if only one person is interested then I can't do it. (Unless that one person wants to submit something to me without the guarantee of the prize, but if I like it I will absolutely pay for it). Whoever I choose keeps their rights/art , as long as I get to use it in my window.

    Let me know if there's anything I can do (aside from offering more money, this is coming from my pocket and not the budget. My partner is happy to just steal some stock art and use that) to make this easier/better.

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    I'll make it for you for $500 (with sketches, final, and one round of revisions), but I'm not competing for shit.
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  3. damn you shinjohn.
    yeller: I completely understand.

  4. Yeah, I'd probably go with stock art.

    It's a bit complex, even the initial visualization will take decent time (say, compared to you selecting the characters you'd like, providing reference, providing a layout template, and a rough mock-up).

    I think it would be a lot of fun, but it is literally not worth the time set up as it is.

  5. I could certainly tell you who I'd want, but thought it easier for the artist to choose who they'd want.
    I cited smash bros as a possible template.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm not the artist, so I'm not trying to dictate what it should look like. All I want is classic characters posing.
    Like an Art Adams or George Perez poster.

    If I could offer more, I would.

  6. i don't think my drawing would be very good for something like that or i would offer...

    also it would all be like Quinty and Mr. Driller and Stanley the Bug Man and characters no one cares about

  7. hm, just kidding, i'll make a rough sketch later tonight

  8. Click for full size

    there you go

  9. ssjn i want you to know that i drew something but i want to draw something a little cleaner and if i don't post it tonight i'll post it tomorrow night

    you could've offered to throw some eShop cards or PSN money at whatever winner and i would've been just as happy to try. this is like the eating candy of art contests. like, i'll eat candy whether you pay me or not

  10. Well i didnt want to insult anyone but i guess that happened anyway. I knew the money wasnt nearly enough but thought you guys might have fun doing it and then i would have a piece of tnl history on display. There's a whole thread full of free doodles. But I suppose that's different.


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