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Thread: How do you write?

  1. I can't rep ARBM anymore but those are excellent observations that can be converted directly to advice. The same phenomena happens in artwork (and I'd imagine most creative endeavors), where focusing in too soon results in a mess of an overall piece. Artists can make all sorts of excuses or simply have the nature of their work be outside classical criticism, but I imagine writing is far more stringent in this regard. Less room for interpretation and a reliance on structural tools to maintain that channel between author and reader.

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  3. I avoided typing my stories into a laptop for quite a while for the exact reasons Robot mentioned. But then my transcribing took forever and I decided that I would just write whatever and then edit it later myself after the piece is completed. I'm able to stay on topic while writing so that's not a problem. Or maybe I just write in small enough doses that I can quickly get myself back on track the next time I start writing.

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    I give students the same advice to just power through and leave typos and any other mistake for your first revision.

    It also comes from them being lazy and wanting their first draft to be their final draft, which is bullshit.
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  5. Only if you're not very good.

  6. No, first drafts are always the worst. You can get a lot of parts right, but not all of it.

  7. twas a joke.


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