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Thread: Freedom Planet

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    Sonic Freedom Planet

    This game was mentioned a bit in the PC thread but it deserves its own one.

    I'm pretty impressed with this Sonic/Rocket Knight-inspired platformer. Some of the character designs don't appeal to me but at least they're not Dust: An Elysian Tail-levels of grossness. The environments and music capture the spirit of Genesis era games but it looks more like a 32-bit era title. The level design flows nicely. I do wish it had Sonic's momentum based movement, though. You don't need a running start for any hills or loops in Freedom Planet.

    I'm on the last area and I don't know what difficulty setting I have been playing on. I set it to classic mode (no story bullshit) and hard originally but when I look at the option menu now it has gone back to normal. The bosses have been challenging but the main parts of the levels have been easy.

    Demo here -

  2. I backed this on Kickstarter and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. Like Shovel Knight, it has obvious influences and borrows some recognizable mechanics from different games, but it never becomes a total clone, and it feels earnest, like a game that could have been designed in the mid '90s. The Sonic influence is the most obvious, but there's also quite a bit of Treasure influence as well, especially the bosses and music.

    I've been playing it with the story, which admittedly gets a little long-winded, but is reasonably well done. The voice acting is actually pretty good for a game with a near zero budget.

  3. Looks interesting. I was mislead by the name since it sounds like the name of one of those MMO games.

  4. I thought it looked like Jazz Jackrabbit without weapons

    kickstart that cliffyb

  5. It's much better than Jazz Jackrabbit. Really by standards of '90s Sonic clones it's pretty high up there. I would have loved this game in 1994.

  6. This does seem like it would've been awesome back in the day. Not sure if it's for me these days as I've gotten a lot pickier about my mascot platformers, so maybe when it goes sale.

  7. Yeah, I feel weird about paying more than $10 for games like this. Which I didn't since I backed it on KS, and I made like $3.00 back on cards, too.

    But the value's there. I have about 11 hours logged and I still haven't finished (which is probably like 6 hours of honest gameplay time, but still), which is long for a game of this sort, and there's at least 3 playable characters that I know of.
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  8. Started playing this last night after managing to completely avoid any info about it and it really is solid. Sonic CD is my favorite game in that series and the exploration aspects of Freedom Planet are definitely similar. It's possible to blast through certain levels, but it encourages you to slow down and check things out.

    The goofy cutscenes and boss battles are right out of a Treasure game, though.

  9. this game looks like a lot of fun, plenty worth $15. i am going to buy it... soon...

    what i don't understand is how they could have voice acting when we know it costs at least $100,000

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    I can voice all your characters like the spaz Serena from Sailor Moon for free.


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