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Thread: Best Way to Cover a Classic Game

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    Best Way to Cover a Classic Game

    I've been fucking around with this stuff long enough, time to sit down and get something done.

    I'm thinking of doing a series on select older games with no skits, characters, or lame memories/nostalgia bullshit. I want to cover both in-game strategy and background information like tech, development history, translation differences, etc. My main goal is to show an alternative to the "it's too hard" whining, hipster collectors and the nostalgia jerkoff parade and hopefully find a way to teach people the thought process and skills I use to break down and learn these old games.

    Right now I'm thinking of making a strategy how-to video for the more difficult parts of the game (including tricks, glitches, or shortcuts that can make them easier) and then hosting a podcast that would discuss the background stuff. Probably going to stick with 8-bit stuff so the games are short enough for this to be doable. NES, SMS, TG16, Game Boy, etc.

    Does that split sound good? Any suggestions are welcome. I'll post updates here on whatever gets done.

    Also, would anyone like to join in on the podcast? You must have played whatever the game will be recently or else it's worthless. I'd love to have someone on that hates the game as well, that would be great.

    I'm thinking of starting it off with the original Mega Man, followed by Super Wonder Boy in Super Monster Super Land and Legendary Axe.
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  2. So a "Back in my Play" but done in a more I know what the hell I'm talking about-style. Cool. BIMP is at it's best when they have a vet like Greg Sewart from Player One talking about something he's interested in. I'd watch and listen to the good and bad that Youtube has to offer and go from there.

    You have a lot of resources on this board that I'm sure will help you. I do like the idea of having someone that has issues with the game(s) you will be covering. Good idea. If you ever do something on REZ, lemme know. I have an unhealthy hatred for that game. Fuck REZ.

    Looking forward to whatever comes of this.

  3. Just fill the podcasts/videos with your wit, wisdom and enthusiasm and try not to be a cynical douche. You have a good voice and personality and hopefully that'll shine through.

  4. I'm doing the retro kick and I've talked with you enough/podcasted with you that we can kind of read eachother. If you get this up and running and don't mind I can jump in like last time. Just don't let that asshole Sleeve know about it.

    I'll only talk about the games I've played/am playing and will obviously bow out of shit I don't know about. CONVERSELY There are a lot of games I haven't played and could give the set of fresh eyes to it as well. I was a Nintendo kid growing up. In before Yoshi

  5. So basically the anti-Retronauts? Sounds good. You'd be the anti-Bob Mackey.

    It would be nice to have at least one person on each episode of the podcast who knows a substantial amount about at least one area of the game under discussion. It could be history, development, secrets, some sort of funny story about the developers, so long as it's someone who can speak about the game from a historian's perspective.

    I also think having a contrary perspective (someone who hates the game) is essential for good podcasting. But not just because it's TOO HARD
    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    Just don't let that asshole Sleeve know about it.
    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

    "Jesus christ you are still THE WORST." -FirstBlood

  7. Fuck, ruined.

  8. Also: Use the Ducktales moon music.

  9. I think discussion and critical analysis is sorely missing from the medium in terms of coverage. I'm not particularly interested in the minutiae of older games, but I would be if it's given context, comparative examples, and if each entry sorta builds a larger body of investigation/discussion. It's always a boon when you can refer to your earlier podcasts when making a point.

    Like anything, if it's something you're really interested in, it will show in the results. I'd be worried that the overall interest in a project like this wouldn't be there...I'd appreciate a breakdown of current games built on retro roots (like Shovel Knight) with the gaming background filled out, but that's mainly because I don't find the old games fun to play anymore (most don't have a good 'feel' by modern standards), but if it's something you're in to chances are you have a good measure of who else is as well.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by dave is ok View Post
    Also: Use the Ducktales moon music.
    Instant hit.
    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

    "Jesus christ you are still THE WORST." -FirstBlood


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