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Thread: Powerslave & Skullmonkeys (PS1)

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    Powerslave & Skullmonkeys (PS1)

    I'm looking for complete and at least very near mint copies of three under the radar PSone games, The Adventures of Lomax, Powerslave, and Skullmonkeys. If anyone has any of them, we'll work out a trade and/or cash sale, depending on his wants.
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  2. Lomax was fun.

    But you really should get the Saturn version of Powerslave it you're going to get that as it was the better version.
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    Did the PS version have Death Tank? Death Tank is secretly the reason you want to play Powerslave.
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  4. pc version imo

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    I've played the Saturn version and Death Tank, but I'm not going back to having 100 systems hooked up. The PC version is pretty much a completely different and purportedly inferior game. If it came to GOG I'd try it though.

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    You can run Saturn games through an emulator on PC.
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  7. Yoshi advocating playing an inferior version for convenience?! Mark this day down on the TNL calendar, boys and girls.

    Although the levels are remixed, so it's at least somewhat switched up.

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    Yeah, they're not really the same game, though they are more similar apparently than the PC version. It's almost like Xbox vs. PC Doom 3.

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    Adventures of Lomax has been secured. I'm still looking for the other two.

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