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Thread: Modded PSOne, some box/manuals

  1. Modded PSOne, some box/manuals

    Looking for these if anyone got them laying around collecting dust:

    360: Lost Odyssey manual
    DS: Yoshi's Island Box/manual
    Wii: Kirby's Epic Yarn box and manual

    Modded PSOne (the little one), no box/hook up needed. The one I bought from Nomi a few years ago never worked right so I want another and to put into the DC Kiosk.

    I got tons of 360 games if you are looking for anything to trade, or cold hard cash too.

  2. lol. I have a ps1 and a screen. I'm betting GohanX could probably mod it for you.

    It's set up for a swap disc right now, btw.

  3. #3
    I've got an extra ps1 mod chip, but it was always flakey with the PSOne. It worked great in the regular systems.

  4. I have two of those as well!

  5. Damnit should have talked to you before hand. Let me know how much u want for it.

  6. Still looking if anyone wants to dump their PSOne


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