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Thread: Fun places (with kids) in Baltimore

  1. Fun places (with kids) in Baltimore

    Chux, etc....

    Do you have any recommendation for family/kids friendly places in Baltimore for a day trip? Museum, parks, etc?

    No baseball, etc.

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  3. yeah

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    I liked the river walk when I was up there.
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  5. The Aquarium is boss, as is the Science Center. Walking around the harbor is ok if you want to see White People and eat at chain restaurants. I think there is also some kind of Kidz Zone Wacky Fun Place, but I've never been. Patterson Park is pretty sweet, though there isn't much to do there besides imagining civil war soldiers dying horribly at your feet. fun fact: The Patterson Park Pagoda is where I got married.

  6. Thanks man!!

  7. Yeah, no worries. I wish I had time to show you guys around.

  8. The Art Museum is pretty ok too.

  9. Josh hit the nail on the head. Inner Harbor is "Safest". There is a baseball and football stadium, lots of generic city stuff to do around there. Aquarium is rad, can take up a day if you let it. Discovery Zone is around there too.

    Have a linkdump!

  10. Discovery Zone is the Kidz Zone Wacky Fun Place I was thinking of.


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