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Thread: Anyone getting a popup malware when visiting TNL?

  1. Anyone getting a popup malware when visiting TNL?

    I got this at work too (both IE computers, although one is 8 I think and this is 11)

    I swear it is coming when I visit TNL, Some Java download bogus

    Sorry I don't have any more details yet

  2. I use Tapatalk and Safari, so no.

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    I'm getting it too, a bogus Java update scheme popup. I'm using Ubuntu and Firefox. Pretty sure it's coming from here.
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    I also got the bogus Java updater that tried to download an .exe file.
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  5. is there a specific page it shows up on or is it random

  6. Which ad services are we using? It generally involves those places having some naughty advertisers that they can't screen quickly enough. I think, if you have browser that can view the source of the page, you're looking for any scripts at the bottom of the page pertaining to Quantcast or some others.
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  7. How does one pay to make the ads go away?

  8. I got it on Chrome, on GAF. Shit must be going around.

  9. Welp, that just means everywhere gets adblock for the time being.


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