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Thread: VHS to digital

  1. Which gear?
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  2. I'm telling you dude, that prosumer SVHS deck I linked ya to is the tits.

  3. I would love to own a Video Toaster.

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    I got to use one back in college, they're funnn. After Effects does all that stuff and more, but it's just not as tactile and awesome.
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  5. We had one in high school. There was one kid who figured out how to use Lightwave, but the rest of us just used it for the crazy wipes and trippy colour effects.

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    a whole day wasted trying to get this fucking ati tv wonder hd 600 dongle to work.

    All I can get out of it is chopping shit on my old windows xp laptop. I can't get it to do shit on my new pc.

  7. Have you tried any other drivers?
    A lot of old ATI stuff can use third party or open source drivers.

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    I wouldn't even know what was comparable

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    I got it to work yesterday. Posted a vid in the what are you playing thread.

    I had gotten so frustrated trying to get it to work in xp, that I had forgotten to click a few things in win 7.

    So now it works.

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    Click for full size

    These work best if you just save them to your computer and play them. If you stream them, dropbox tries to set the quality by your connection.

    So I made these yesterday and spent all day uploading the first 1. The big one is just the vcr straight into tv wonder then virtual dub. No compression or filtering.

    The second one is the same video, passed through many tweaks in virtual dub to get the size down.
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