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Thread: VHS to digital

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    VHS to digital

    Has anyone done this?

    I'm pondering doing it the cheap way or the right (expensive) way.

    I want to create digital copies of some instructional tapes that are not online nor on dvd.

    I also want to back up some home movies and make a dvd for my mom for Christmas (this is where the expensive part comes in. You don't give mom cheap garbage).

    I know we got a couple guys here that do game videos and pics for websites. And people that record analog sound to digital.

    Has anyone done that goofy in between land of vhs?

  2. I did it for the in laws. I bought a VCR and a dvd burner device of sorts. I hooked up the VCR to the burner which then made DVDs.

    The quality isn't great, because it's VCR. You can only do so much.

    I think it was this device:

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    eh, my dad always got high end vcrs and cameras (for the time). I think the bigger issue of the quality will be that he stored them in a damp basement for 15 years.

    Also, holy shit at that price!

  4. It's expensive because it is not made anymore, but they should have more recent ones.

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    just from an hour of research:

    the cheapest thing to do is get a vcr at a thrift and a usb dongle

    Click for full size

    there are tons of generic dongles, but Hauppauge, DIAMOND VC500 and Elgato Video Capture Device seem to be favs.

    This method appears pretty cheap, if you get a knock off dongle, and already have a vcr and software for your computer.

    Next is the avdc units. Or, analog video to digital converters.

    The two names I keep hearing are blackmagicdesign and Grass Valley / Canopus. You'd want to run at least S video into these if you can help it.
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  6. When i had a videography business going, i had two of these:

    One of them + your cable would probably do what you want.
    I paid $1000 for each. Fuck i hate technology.

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    Tech is a harsh mistress.

    Speaking of vcrs, a pretty good buyers guide (the forum is pretty good for info on this topic, too)

  8. I would just get a VCR that outputs s-video, preferably one with 6 or 8 read heads, and one of those cables.
    Or you could track down an old camcorder that uses full size VHS tapes. Those are generally better than VCRs and don't have issues with inconsistent timing.
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    We had one of those big cameras. God knows if the motors still work.

  10. I've got $2 on that dongle (in before my mom) if you let me borrow it when you're done with it.


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