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Thread: Let's Reminisce: Japanese Playstation 2 (and 1)

  1. Square made one of the best baseball games I ever played in the early ps2 days. I'm sure it still holds up these days

  2. Man, I was digging through google lists and saw someone advise NOT getting Hresvelgr. I totally forgot about that game. I bought my first Japanese PS2 shortly before the US version launched (dude spent $1000 on it six months earlier, traded it in for $150) and I bought Hreasldgvbaerga on the cheap from Haoh's place. God damn, that was awful. And I remember that square baseball game too. Click image for larger version. 

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    But the worst had to be that skydiving game. Lord, that was bad.

  3. Space Fishermen: Here is an outerspace fishing game drawn by a guy who only loves one thing more than he loves Rodney Greenblat: the burn of pure cocaine on his moist nasal membranes. The fishing is pretty standard thumbstick stuff, but the music and characters keep it fun. And that themesong. If this video doesn't win you over in exactly two seconds, then what are you, some kind of jerk?

    Oz: A Drakengaardy third person action game with an emphasis on tandem attacks. You can pop an enemy up with one guy, seize control of one of your AI allies to juggle the enemy with a projectile, then switch to another guy to jump in with an air combo. I can't find a video of someone playing it well. You'll just have to come over my house to see that.

    Otostaz: A tile-based puzzle game with a lovely paper cutout aesthetic. This is what I thought cellphone and tablet games would be like. They aren't though.

    Adventure Island: Hudson Select: The Bonk remake gets all the love, but this is the best one. Cubic Loderunner and Star Soldier are great, too, though.

    Also, Chain Dive.
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  4. Oh No! Skip to the 3 minute mark for the gameplay.

  5. Oh yeah, this is cheating a little since it's a Neo Geo port, but Pochi to Nyaa was Compile's last Puyo Puyo game and it's very good. It complicates standard Puyo by requiring that a group of puyos touch a detonator piece to be cleared. You can change any standard piece to like-colored detonator pieces as it is falling. Very elegant and fun. It takes the Do I or Don't I Puyo combo storage thing to the next level of tension.

    And Remote Control Dandy SF. It's Robot Alchemic Drive: Hard Type. I bought it from someone here on a lark years ago and it would up being one of my favorite PS2 games.

    And that Zombie Ambulance Driver game. I forget the name.

    If PS1 games are on the table, Klonoa Beach Volleyball is sooo good.

    I had a lot of money and even more time back then.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    If PS1 games are on the table...
    Slap Happy Rhythm Busters.

  7. Aren't a lot of these available on Japanese PSN, though? Mighty be a pretty good alternative to hunting down some of these rarer titles if a cheaper, digital version is in reach.

  8. The only Japanese PS2 games I have are several of the Sega Ages 2500 releases. Mainly the M2 complilations, but I do have Phantasy Star Generation 1 and 2, just because, well, Phantasy Star. I've been eyeing a copy of NiGHTS though recently.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    Aren't a lot of these available on Japanese PSN, though? Mighty be a pretty good alternative to hunting down some of these rarer titles if a cheaper, digital version is in reach.
    Real games on real hardware or gtfo.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Slap Happy Rhythm Busters.
    Cross ups are unblockable. The first person to get a knockdown wins.

    It's a lot of fun other than that, though!


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