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Thread: Star Wars Arcade: Battle Pod

  1. Star Wars Arcade: Battle Pod

    At the New York Comic Con (Oct 9-12) at the Javits Center in NYC, Namco will unveil a new arcade game. They are saying that it will be something "BIG".
    Arcadeheroes story

    Time Crisis 5 (Now THAT would be "big" since it's been about 8 yrs. since TC4, and Namco has more hardware to play with than System Super 256.)? Razing Storm 2? We're long overdue for either of the above. I'm sure it's something other than Lost Land Adventure. Since Namco now has a dome screen cabinet, maybe they could revamp Starblade 2 to run on current hardware.

    I'm guessing TC5.

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  2. Tekken Bowling.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gameoverDude View Post
    They are saying that it will be something "BIG".
    That's a surprise. I thought they'd say it was something no one cares about.

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    Then it's definitely Tekken.
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  5. Ms PAC Man 2 please

  6. don't care because I'll never see it

  7. Smash Bros. Arcade Edition

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  8. Baby Pac-Man Championship Edition with the upper field developed by Iwatani and the pinball half by Pat Lawlor

  9. I'll be there, so I'll post a pic if I come across it.

    Maybe it's a sequel to Dark Escape?

  10. Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat.


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