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Thread: Windows 10

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    This is pathetic if true:

    Microsoft dev here, the internal rumours are that early testing revealed just how many third party products that had code of the form

    if(version.StartsWith("Windows 9"))

    { /* 95 and 98 */

    } else {

    and that this was the pragmatic solution to avoid that.

  2. smart.

  3. Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> Xbox One.

    Is anyone really surprised?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    This is pathetic if true:

    It's lazy, sure, but considering the Windows naming scheme until 7 I don't think it's pathetic for random companies to have gone that route.

  5. Windows 10 confirmed free for all 8.1 Users and free after the first year for all 7 users.

    Stream here.
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    So... what's the catch? Are they assuming people will buy some SaaS offering like Office 365 alongside it?

  7. Seems it's free for the first year for 7 and 8/8.1, not free forever for 8/8.1

  8. I have no idea. Cnet seems to think it's just to get a huge userbase, since Win8 only had something like 10% market share which is horrible.

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    Ah, that actually makes sense. Apple and Google have certainly infringed significantly on their home users, and Apple is even starting to make in roads with corporate ones.

    edit: I'll take DirectX 12 for free and then start working on disabling as many of the rest of the new "features" as I can.
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  10. lol Yoda talk, system seller.


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