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Thread: Windows 10

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    Windows 10

    WTF? Since every other version of Windows sucks, didn't they just skip the good one?

  2. No, 8.1 is great.

  3. I'll give 8.1 props for auto-installing proper printer drivers when I was setting some new machines up at work but metro has to go and thank god it went (or at least got consolidated into the start menu)

    what intrigues me the most is that apparently this has a unified codebase for all platforms, which smells of emulation layers which is never a good thing for performance

  4. 8 has been nothing but a positive experience for me so far. Metro works perfectly as a start menu replacement, especially in 8.1 with the "right click the start button to get to the important power user stuff" option.

    windows explorer, chrome, steam, itunes and VLC are all on my taskbar. Every other random thing I don't click on very often but like to have one button press away is pinned to metro. It works really well. Metro as a primary UI is garbage, but as a supplemental one it is so good.
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  5. Massive, but smaller.

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    Yeah, 8.1 solved all my issues. Pretty happy with it.
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    Startisback fixed all my Windows 8 gripes, so I'm cool with it. I don't have to see Metro unless I want to (and I don't).
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  8. I installed the preview build in a VM

    not very wowed

  9. It looks very Microsoft. That's not really a compliment.

  10. I hear the command line is much improved.
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