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Thread: Twin Peaks (Showtime 2016)

  1. I don't want a new twin peaks in 2016. I want it in 1993.
    Boo, Hiss.

  2. 2016+premium cable = complete creative freedom for Lynch and Frost.

  3. I think he means it set in 93 and everyone would wear makeup to de-age a quarter century.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  5. So this was cancelled.

    you suck

  6. Well, Lynch won't be directing, as he's confirmed on Twitter.

    Now we wait to see if Showtime wants to destroy your childhood.

  7. I still have faith that this will happen with Lynch. I think it's a public power-play to get more money. If there is no Lynch, there is no Twin Peaks and Showtime knows that deep down.

    Or we can have a shit show on the level of season two which would be a fun train wreck in it's own right. Either way, I'm down.

  8. look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  9. It's not necessarily the end of the world. I don't really have any interest without Lynch's involvement, but he has apparently already written the first nine episodes with Mark Frost. Most of Twin Peaks wasn't directed by him anyway, just all the best shit and the movie. It's possible that other directors could capture some of the spirit of the show, the talent behind TV has gotten a whole lot better since the first and second seasons aired.

  10. I'm starting to get that "this thing is never actually coming out" feeling.


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