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Thread: Twin Peaks (Showtime 2016)

  1. Jennifer Jason Leigh as David Duchovny.

  2. Coop is looking pretty good!
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  3. still skeptical as hell.
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    Jim Belushi in there bums me out. Skeleton John Belushi would have been a better actor.
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  5. This starts in a few days. I've started marathoning the series again to catch up on everything. I'm cautiously optimistic, I'm a big fan of all of David Lynches work, so at the very least it should be enjoyable on that level. I don't think it will hold up to the old series or Fire Walk With Me but it will be nice to see some arthouse TV again.

  6. I'm in the same boat... Except there is no way im watching season two... Jesus.
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  7. The first and last episodes of season 2 are amazing!

  8. Yeah and you have 20 episodes of James riding around on a bike in between.
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  9. I would say it's more than that. There's a really rough patch early in the season, but when it rights itself it's something to see.

    I re-watched the entire thing a couple of years ago, so I'm just going to do FWWM tomorrow. I'm with arjue- whatever this is, it's David Lynch doing his thing with creative control. I can't fucking wait.

  10. Season 2 went off the rails in a weird and fun way besides jame's bullshit story. I may finally give the secrets of Twin Peaks a read today. Just subbed to Showtime. Free for 30 days streaming if anyone doesn't have it.


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