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Thread: Parkour Training Thread - Not a Sport

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    Arrow Parkour Training Thread - Not a Sport

    I recently received disappointing news that a injured MMA fighter never returned my phone call. So now there is a younger man whom is training and will charge $20 an hour. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with Parkour? I'm not interested in the show or Monkey Flips but what it was really designed for.

  2. I dig it, but I'm way too much of a lumbering klutz to ever do it.

  3. 2014.

    Still making serious replies to a Korian thread.

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    Let's not polarize a thread based on past proclivity. Dolemite if Parkour isn't your thing maybe you can spar with me someday?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post

    Still making serious replies to a Korian thread.
    Call it a desperate attempt to actually steer it into a viable discussion as opposed to yet another meaningless thread shitting up the forum. My mistake.

  6. Don't you dare make it again.

  7. I plan on opening up the first Mid-west Intercontinental Parkour Training Facility and Eduction Center as soon as I unload this truckload of steelbooks I just bought.
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  8. I hear steelbooks are a better investment than gold or heroin!

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  9. Not as good as investing in for profit prisons!

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    To the new members Pa Ku to you, Control you're mind and let you're feet be your tool to advents in the motion in the wind.


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