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Thread: Overwatch

  1. OW is fine with a controller. I got this on XBO and then won a taco bell PS4 copy.
    Mercy and Toblerone are my mains.

  2. How much Taco Bell are you motherfuckers eating?! Didn't we have multiple PS3 and Vita winners, too?

  3. Been thinking about picking up a console copy but lack of cross platform play between the two systems makes me hold off.

    McCree will be getting nerfed and D.Va buffed. Both of these are good choices, but I think D.Va just needs a little extra range on her mech's guns instead of the mobility they're looking to add. Ah well, either way I'm still looking forward to using her more. I also think Zarya could use a small buff somewhere, she always feels really weak to me on both sides unless there's a Mercy strapped to her. She's good once she really gets powered up but that's a hard spot to get to.

    p.s. I had a few tbell codes but haven't won anything from them ever.

  4. I love going over the top and destroying Mercy before anyone knows what's going on.

    A couple of the guys I play with are level 50-60 and we were fighting a Zarya last night... after the fight I explained her absorb-incoming-fire-for-damage buff bubble and they had no idea. WTF... they just thought you had to shoot her until it went away.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    How much Taco Bell are you motherfuckers eating?! Didn't we have multiple PS3 and Vita winners, too?
    I got this one on a lark after the game launched.
    Maybe one taco bell meal a week?

    Mercy needs something. I can kill people if they're not paying attention, but if I'm caught without anybody, or sometimes with people I'm dead. Maybe a bubble, or some damage mitigation that can only be used if you're not healing/buffing.

  6. I like her as a healing as the expense of everything else character. If anything I'd like her slightly more streamlined where her pistol is built into her staff as an alternate fire instead of having to switch weapons entirely.

  7. My current favorites are Junkrat, Zenyatta and Reinhart, but I try to play whatever will be most useful. I probably play as Reinhart out of obligation the majority of the time because people just ignore team structure and would rather be a 3rd Hanzo than a tank or support.

  8. That's my experience as well.
    Boo, Hiss.

  9. Anyone on the pc version?

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  10. There are dozens of us.


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