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Thread: Overwatch

  1. Overwatch

    A lot of people on this just don't know what the fuck they are doing.... at least on console. This game is mining the TF2 audience big time on PC.

    Console players are playing it like COD or Halo domination modes. People are bitching about Bastion because they've never seen a turret before. It's hilarious.

    I don't know when that will change but the getting is good right now. Kind of wish I wasn't out of town next week.

  2. The one thing I don't like about Bastion is that 90% of POTG are him as a turret shooting at a doorway.

    The funniest one I saw was just the dwarf guy repairing a turret for the whole clip.

  3. Was that my clip? Like I said, 26 kills 0 deaths in a match. I put my turret at the top of a hill and people just kept walking into it. I couldn't believe it while it was happening.

    There was a side path that would have put them right next to the turret. 2 guys go in there and my turret is gone. But they didn't get it.

  4. I don't think so, it was back in beta.

    Someone was a clever dick the other night and had a bunch of those tiny ball turrets set up on the inside of a archway chokepoint, so anyone who walked through would get bombarded by like 5-6 turrets at once while a Widowmaker also sniped in. I was trying to get angles to shoot them down after I got caught in it the first time but my teammates would just trot past me and get wrecked over and over.

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    so does Bastion have tanks?

  6. He turns into a tank, bro

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    o m g

    the porn gif's didn't tell me anything about that

  8. I am shocked.

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  10. I'm really enjoying this, but its crazy how bad at aiming I am now lol. I haven't played a PC shooter in a long time.

    I'm surprised how fun most of the cast is, but my current favorite is Zenyatta. He's squishy as shit, but you feel like a beast when you have a good run with him. I think people sleep on him because he's probably the least efficient healer, but his damage output is through the roof, and his curse is borderline OP. He's particularly great when you partner up with Reinhart and spam shit from behind his shield. The only real problem I have with him is that Widowmaker absolutely shuts him out of the game - she can one shot him with a fully charged body shot. It's got to be the hardest counter in the game.


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