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Thread: Overwatch

  1. Overwatch

    Blizzard just announced a new game at Blizzcon! In typical fashion they showed a ridiculous CG movie first. I'll update as they actually talk about what the game is.

    Edit: It's their version of Team Fortress 2. If the game actually looks like this, holy shit.

    Beta in 2015.

    Playable at blizzcon. More at 3:30 EST. (looks like this is behind a paywall, so it should be up on websites later)

    The gameplay trailer is on the official site along with the 12 character details.
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  2. This looks great. I'll keep an eye out.

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    buttplant can post "gorilla warfare" in this thread and actually be right.

  4. lol.

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    That really does look good, love the character designs. Officially on the radar.

  6. Looks doooope.

    Adore the art direction.

  7. Here are the character videos on one page.

    Like Kidnemo, I love the art direction.

  8. It's good to see titles like this, Battleborn, and Wildstar adopt nice colorful artstyles.

    Would be neat to see this on consoles someday.

  9. Kinda reminds me a bit of the Shadowrun FPS. Which was not really bad, just a poor match for what fans of that license wanted.

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    You're right, Frog. But the Shadowrun FPS doesn't look this good. Way more character types here. It looks fantastic. This looks like they are going to out halo halo. Like, crush Halo. Plus there is a guy whose weapon bounces off walls. That was like the number one reason unreal tournament was fun.

    Anyway it looks like Blizzard is going to hit the multiplayer fps genre as hard as they have hit every other genre they've taken down. I have full faith this is going to be the best game. It looks awesome.
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