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Thread: HBO series: Westworld

  1. I'm just at episode 8 with Acechita and feel mostly the same way. But I don't feel the first season was so sacrosanct that doesn't warrant more. Half the stories aren't even finished their arcs. If season 3 gives us more nerd culture mash-up moments and top tier actors exploring intangible themes then I'll gladly watch.

    Lots of cool stuff happened in Shogun World that was great. I like the way this series can juxtapose while still making sense. Keeps things novel. The constant introduction to military-villain-of-the-week has been far too pedestrian for a series exploring consciousness themes. William being shot 6 times was so over the top I had to believe he was one of them too (I still don't as of this post). The idea of consciousness heaven was pretty neat too. Lots of great acting and ideas going on here. I'm glad they toned back the nudity in this season. There's a shock value and novelty to it that's great (especially in the earlier episodes last season) but it upstaged the story a bit.

    I really like all the strong or interesting women leads they have in this thing. They built the story and setting so well and aren't just shoehorned in to make a political statement. Their pain and moments feel earned.

    Anthony Hopkins plays god well -- both here and in the Thor movies.
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  2. Season 2 is a great big shrug.
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  3. Season 2 had so many side stories and flashbacks that it just felt like they were trying to cover too much ground, and the whole experience felt watered down because of it.
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  5. Do we care anymore? I recall defending season 2 right up to the point I stopped watching it because it was so entirely mediocre. I dont even remember if I finished it. I dont care enough to scroll up to see if I did.

  6. I'm still in. I want to see where they go with it.

  7. Season 3 started last night and it was a lot of fun. It looks like they spent 30 million on it. Three months after the events of the season 2 finale, I really like the drastic story change of being out of Westworld...finding out what the fallout has been, and where Delores and Bernard are. Maeve is MIA so far but getting to see the near future tech (the crime app in particular) is really cool. I like the new characters too, I'm looking forward to where they go with it.

  8. My wife tried to watch the first season, fell out of it. She's seeing these previews for season 3 and wonders if she can just jump in there.

    Worth trying it?

  9. I think Maeve is in Nazi park now?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    My wife tried to watch the first season, fell out of it. She's seeing these previews for season 3 and wonders if she can just jump in there.

    Worth trying it?
    Definitely can't just jump in. There's all kinds of shit you need to know about the characters and their motivations, especially from season 2.
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