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Thread: Giving away old game stuff

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    He's walking into the sea next week.

  2. Segagaga is one game that I'm sad I never got around to/didn't get ported.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by shidoshi View Post
    NOOOOO I've always wanted a Sakura Taisen Dreamcast! *cries*
    I would have assumed you already had one. It's pink with anime girls on the front.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Also, why did dude up there give away a $400 system?
    Because I don't need the money. I'd rather people be happy with the stuff rather than worrying about paying for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by cigsthecat View Post
    Segagaga is one game that I'm sad I never got around to/didn't get ported.
    As a game, it sort of sucks, but the whole Sega-ness still made it interesting. Still, it's something I played for only an hour or so before getting bored. It gets repetitive fast.
    "I've watched while the maggots have defiled the earth. They have
    built their castles and had their wars. I cannot stand by idly any longer." - Otogi 2

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    This is really awesome of you AC.

  5. Repped.

  6. Cool guy.

  7. As cool as you bro.

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    Hold on now, don't get carried away.

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    kinda wanted some master system games.

    Could we make this a thing? I thought about making a 'free shit thread' but all my threads fail, so I didn't bother.

    I have some comics and game gear games I want out of my place. Sonic and some golf game. Free if you pay postage.

  10. This is a good idea.


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