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Thread: Buying a TV/Monitor

  1. Buying a TV/Monitor

    So I've been thinking about buying something big in the TV or monitor (what are the technical differences anyway?) spectrum, and I have NO idea where to start. I haven't bought a TV since probably 2004, and it was a big-ass HDTV that had 1080i and no digital inputs. It worked nice for consoles at the time but was a pain in the ass to hook up to a PC's video card and text was totally unreadable.

    Now, my roommate has a 40" Sceptre (?) that he got last year for under $400 and it's sort of my baseline for what I want movies and games look great on it but my main complaint is that text doesn't look that great on it. Granted, I get that it's not 4k or Retina, but it looks a little muddier than it should to me. I'll probably be using this as my primary monitor, so that's important. Other than that, what should I be considering? I won't be using its speakers. I don't really care about webOS/Android/Roku/whatever interfaces since I'll be using it mainly for my computer. Is there a common mounting design, like VESA or whatever, if I decide to mount it?

    Is sub-$1000 4K actually a reality?

    Looking for something in the $350-600 range. No idea where to start. HELP!

  2. Vizio's 4k TV's start at 1,000 which is dirt cheap for 4k right now. I've heard it's good, but haven't read any comparisons on it. There's basically no 4k content now so it's pretty moot at this point. It's too new to really be considered, I think.

    I've never heard of Sceptre, could be crap. Sony and Samsung seem to be king these days. For gaming you want a set with 4ms response time or less. $600 should get you a great 40" 1080p set. 120hz sets are just weird ass marketing that doesn't mean anything good. 60hz is still the way to go. That "smoothing" stuff that a lot of TV's advertise is garbage, so don't get a tv based on that feature.

  3. Is Vizio not garbage now? I remember playing rock band on my parent's Vizio and the lag was RETARDED.

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    Look into input lag, I didn't see you mention taking that into account at all.

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    Samsungs are pretty great for hooking a pc up to. Most of them have a dedicated hdmi port marked "dvi" where you can plug a pc to with a simple dvi to hdmi adapter if your pc doesn't have hdmi. Plug it in, set the tv to pc mode and it disables all processing and changes to full range rgb.

  6. Oh yeah, input lag/response time seems to be crucial. Also, are most HDTVs matte these days? or is glossy still a thing?

    I looked into the 4k TVs a little bit. Somewhat tempting. I know there's not a ton of content out there (and I know I would need to upgrade my video card before I expect to blow past anything 1080p in quality for gaming), but I do a ton of Illustrator/Photoshop/Audition editing that I think the extra pixels COULD be good for. (I also understand that 4k isn't going to be really supported 'til windows 10, but I'm already running the windows 10 beta, so, yeah.)

    Oh and FUCK that interpolation shite, that would drive me nuts.
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