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Thread: Official Street Fighter 5 thread (PS4, PC)

  1. capcom cup is supposed to have a sf5 exhibition after the tournament so it'll probably all blend together

    also this capcom cup is esports as all get out

    edit: 100% true esports with the worst dj EVER here right now
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post

    Fear him.
    I did, your Dan was ferocious.
    Where I play
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  3. I liked the Capcom Cup trailer.

    ...and Ono dressed as Devil Gene Charlie.

    Oooh demo match coming up.
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  4. Guys

    goty. gotg.

  5. Chip on normals, huh? And Ryu's elemental power up mode fireball had guard break.

    Ah, looks like normal chip leaves full health regen while specials still do permanent chip damage. And no death by chip maybe?

    Ryu's lightning mode seemed to last until he did a fireball or got hit. Chun's seemed to last until she got knocked down. Guess that's why Ryu's EX meter was two stocks and Chuns was three?

    Seems like every time Ryu goes into lightning mode, he gets a permanent increase in his hadouken hit-count, up to three looks like. And EX fireballs add one more hit to that. There is no fireball wars. There is only Ryu.
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  6. Best man.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Shin Johnpv View Post

    Alpha 2 is the pinnacle of the Street Fighter series, and hell fighting games in general.
    I feel like A2 was the beginning of the end of the old-style Capcom fighter. Every stage was a call out to its character, the music was thematic and over the top...

    A3 was kinda generic with its backgrounds. Things weren't nearly as brimming with life and little nods to the characters and Capcom in general. The music was all kinda interchangable.

    SF4 at least has music for everyone, plus themes for each stage, but now we're into a world where backdrops in fighters are limited and highly unrelated to the individual characters. It's a bummer, but I guess I can't expect 50+ stages with a whole ton of charm.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  8. That's like complaining about the plate that your food came out on.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mzo View Post
    I can't activate them on a gamepad so I just ignore them. I can't be bothered to fish out the Saturn stick.
    On the Saturn pad, you should be able to activate by pressing left bumper plus any kick button, or right bumper plus any punch.
    Or you can play A2 Gold and just press HP+HK.

  10. #150
    I wasn't sure 3p + any kick would trigger it, but I guess it does. That's convenient, then.

    I DO have Alpha 2 Gold. Time to burn some muscle.
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