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Thread: Official Street Fighter 5 thread (PS4, PC)

  1. You'll have to fight Pineapple and me for pink denim Thawk rights.
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
    Down for Ultra 4 as well. TNL fight night!

    I should tell the story how Pineapple ruined a SF5 onlline thing I had with my casual RL Street Fighter friends sometime!! Dude, people still remember the name MaxCuckold hehehe. It was Xmas time!!!! Max wasn't playing santa clause for some filthy casuals he didnt know!
    Wait what happened now? Tell the story because I'm blanking! And then yes lets fight the mans! I will be around in about an hour if anyone wants to play. Message me on Steam or text me or discord shout me or something.

    I am taking the Pink Hawk costumes from y'all and there's nothing you can do about it!

  3. Christmas time like 2 years ago, Me, you and RL friends all were playing SF5. These friends were of the casual fight baby variety and you destroyed them. So they all got pissed so I PMed you and said to lose so they could fight each other a little bit....

    ...and you were like FUUUUUCCCKK THAT!! They gonna learn today! So eventually we went and played Tekken 7, which is more mash friendly. Dude, 2 of them still remember your name. Legend!

  4. Season 5 is bringing more characters after all.
    They're adding five more characters and three more stages, and I'm assuming they'll all release this year, but no details have been revealed yet.

  5. Looks like they're also doing a costume contest where they're asking people to design something and two will be chosen. That's pretty cool, I'm going to have to think about submitting something.

  6. Oro, c viper, sodom, t hawk... and throw in makoto.
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  7. If they put Makoto in Iíll start back up playing.
    Boo, Hiss.

  8. People making wish lists like they want to make the game like an updated SF4. Capcom is LAZY. Fuck them and this series. They need to try harder. At the very least through the hardcore a bone and release some collections that we want. A Powerstone collection would be a nice start. I know that posts are the very definition of lazy but fuck, SF is tired as fuck. Do something different.

  9. SFIV has a huge roster, though. I guess they could bring back Sodom or Eagle, but I can't think of any decent characters beyond that that aren't already in USFIV or SFV.

    It would be nice if they gave the series a break for a couple of years. I would love to see a new Power Stone or Tech Romancer next instead of another SF, but I doubt that will ever happen. They haven't made a fighting game without Ryu and Chun Li in it for a very long time.

  10. There are rumors they are doing a darkstalkers next. Hard to imagine... so we'll see. Capcom has been pulling in some decent money recently, so maybe they can actually put some effort into whatever fighting game they put out next.
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