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Thread: Official Street Fighter 5 thread (PS4, PC)

  1. that's the most obvious choice with the most amount of fan requests, but they should reboot the saturday night slam masters instead

  2. Quote Originally Posted by sedition View Post
    There are rumors they are doing a darkstalkers next. Hard to imagine... so we'll see. Capcom has been pulling in some decent money recently, so maybe they can actually put some effort into whatever fighting game they put out next.
    They'll do a new Darkstalkers but keep the old Morrigan CvS2 sprite just to fuck with people.
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  3. Looks like it might be oro, c viper, rose, rolento, and elena.

    No one wants to see an SF4 type of Elena. Hopefully they ditch the healing.
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  4. I like Rose the best out of those five.
    I hope they're secretly working on a sixth new character to announce at the end of CPT, and that it's Dan.


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