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Thread: Official Street Fighter 5 thread (PS4, PC)

  1. Is Shaniqua there?

  2. Video is down.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dunlap View Post
    I just want to play as old ryu with a beard.
    I do actually wish we could see some visual evolution to these characters. Because, at the moment, this looks like "next-get SFIV". And I'd like to finally see Sakura not have to wear a schoolgirl uniform anymore.

    As others have said, this looks so visually boring, especially now that I'm playing Guilty Gear Xrd Sign. That looks like holy crap new era, and has a distinct style. Both of those are absent here.

    Also wish Capcom could pull another SF3, where we get 90% new cast and a legitimately fresh feel. I think that era is long gone, though. Now it's just "how long until all the SF2 guys are back?"
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by JBNagis View Post
    ya'll are the most curmudgeon, jaded fuckers in history. jeez. ill play it. and ill prob have fun too.
    I don't think I am. I hate the look, and the way SF4 and its continued releases played. This looks like more of the same, no thanks.
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    I think it's that they're pushing SF more towards Killer Instinct instead of back towards SF III, and that's a problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by shidoshi View Post
    And I'd like to finally see Sakura not have to wear a schoolgirl uniform anymore.
    I think there's a whole subgenre of fan art dedicated to this.
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    Exclusivity is not timed (at least for this iteration), and PS4 and PC will have cross-platform play.

  7. Cross platform online?

    Okay now I'm listening.

  8. custom combos! guard breaks!

  9. At least the gods have me Xrd before this.
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  10. look here, upon a sig graveyard.


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