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Thread: Official Street Fighter 5 thread (PS4, PC)

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    There are less people living in the past at high school reunions than this thread.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Fuck playing fighting games on PC.
    Eat all the dicks.

    I want everything on PC including fightmans. I want as many gaming options as possible.

  3. Macbook. Fuck off. I want my PS4 fightmans.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by shidoshi View Post
    Wanting it on a gaming platform where I don't have to upgrade graphic cards or deal with driver issues or having a stupid-looking gigantic box next to my TV in order to play on my TV?
    You should come to my house and check out my PC. It's about the size of a XO, a bit louder but quieter than either of the last gen consoles.

    Consoles are fine, but it's not 2002 anymore. Even driver updates and setting graphics options are automatic these days.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JBNagis View Post
    ya'll are the most curmudgeon, jaded fuckers in history. jeez. ill play it. and ill prob have fun too.
    Isn't this the truth.

    The graphics are definitely improved in this trailer, but most importantly there are many gameplay changes on display -- guard crush, alpha like chain combos, Chun combos off of a ground bounce, possibly grooves/isms etc.

    It looks like it could be much closer to Alpha in terms of gameplay, and guard crush pretty much guarantees it will be more offense minded.

    Go home and be a family man.

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    I just put up with like 6 years of fat, ugly Street Fighter.

    I don't want 6 more.

  7. SF4 isn't the best looking game, but it's a great game to play. I'll take gameplay over graphics any day.

    Go home and be a family man.

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    Hrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn, ok.

    My Backloggery

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    It is a good game to play, but it's still like the third worst SF game.

  10. Sure, SFIV's position in the SF series can be debated -- I'm not even sure I know where I think it stands in comparision to the others.

    But even if you think it's the 3rd best SF game, that's still a damn good game.

    Go home and be a family man.


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