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Thread: Welcome to GohanX's Swap Meet!

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    I know. But, with my son being 4 months away it would be totally irresponsible of me to buy videogames I don't need right now. I'd also like a couple of those NES carts and a game Pa is selling, but I don't even have a Genesis, I'm about to move in with the baby mama, and I wouldn't really have time to enjoy them if I did. Go forth boldly, with my blessing.
    Gawd ok, Maybe I'll do a write up on this since I hadn't played this game before.
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  2. Is the turbo grafx 16 stuff still available? If so, what's your price for the system and games?

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    It's just games for sale right now, although I may eventually put my system up for sale as well. All the tg 16 games are available, I'm going to try to catch up on pms, shipping, and pricing after my girl goes to bed tonight.

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    Replied to PMs, updated a few things in the original post, added a few prices on things people have asked about but not everything. If I missed something or haven't replied to a PM, let me know!
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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    Put prices up on the games. I used mostly ebay completed auctions and knocked a few bucks off of it, let me know if any prices seem out of line. All prices negotiable, especially if buying multiple items. I found a few more games that I'll add once I check them out, mostly Dreamcast games.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  6. How much for all of the TG games + Chrono Trigger? Would be interested in a system, too, if you're thinking of getting rid of it.

    Edit: Throw Beggar Prince, Dead or Alive DC, and SNES Sami Sho in with the above and give me a $ ballpark.
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    Will you ship to Canada? I'm interested in Devil's Crush, Legendary Axe 2, and World Class Baseball if Haoh doesn't buy all the TG16 games.

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    I'll work up a quote when I get to a pc. I no longer have Chrono Trigger though, I need to update the op.

    Zeed, I'm fine with shipping to Canada to you, and Hucards should be pretty cheap to ship.

  9. It's the Fami Chrono, not the SNES one. Let me know.

  10. I see a potential donor going to waste...


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