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Thread: Welcome to GohanX's Swap Meet!

  1. That's what I get for waiting around.

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    PM sent to Haoh. Zeed, I don't mind shipping to Canada, it's just the price is usually ridiculous. A padded envelope full of hucards though should be pretty cheap, I'll let you know if Haoh declines my offer. And Gamevet, you're number 3
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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    PM'd, homie!

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    Btw, still have some stuff that's been on hold for quite a while...

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    oh shit I forgot all about this
    My Backloggery

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    To be honest, I've been too lazy to list it elsewhere, or list some of the other games I want to sell that I found after the initial listing.

  7. Seems like this has been up long enough for people to take advantage of tje deals.
    I want all your boxed genesis and 32x games. Wish tmek was complete, one of the few i need personally.

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    Do you want Tmek too? Or just the boxed ones?

  9. Just boxed.

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    Sorry about that. Did we ever do a total?

    I have some famicom and super famicom games coming in the mail. Got a box lot. Would you want to trade instead?


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