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Thread: The Leftovers (HBO)

  1. Is the tat real or for the show?

  2. I thought I watched this thing all the way through, but I must have stopped 4 episodes into the third season, but watched the finale? I DEFINITELY never saw Matt On A Boat before, and I'm watching episode 6 now and none of it is familiar.

  3. I liked that show a lot. The daughter is going to be in Death Stranding.
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  4. Did it ever answer anything other than the departures did go somewhere else?
    I know I watched the finale but I don't remember a thing about it.
    I'm mostly interested in what the point of Patti was, if there was a point.
    The show makes me mad because I want to like it because it's so out there, but then there's hardly ever a payoff for all the set up- which pisses me off.
    I'm trying to finish the season before my HBO runs out tomorrow, so I should get back to it.

  5. Speaking of people being in other things, Jills friend in the first season was bugging the heck out of me. I knew I'd seen her (and her cute as fuck upturned upper lip) somewhere recently. Had to IMDB it and then was like OH YEAH DUH. (She's in The Deuce.)

  6. I finished it. The ending was fine I guess, but I really don't feel satisfied. Seems like another Lost, so many plot threads go nowhere and you're just supposed to take it in stride.

  7. Yeah, it was a beautiful show with a so-so ending. I honestly think it should have ended with the episode where the mom was on the boat and prob gonna kill herself and then the daughter calls. For me, that was the last moment that took my breath away.
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  8. I could see that. The finale answered some questions, but they werwnt the questions I was worried about. The show spent its entire run being about the side effects of the departure, not the departure itself. So then the finale ties up nothing but a few things related to the departure. Lame.
    Was Holy Wayne just a ped with a fetish and a gimmick?
    Lily nothing special?
    If Kevin wasnt hallucinating Patti, what was the point of her being attached to him? So much of season 2 dealt with that, and it went nowhere.
    What happened to the dude that could see people’s fortunes?
    Mary left, and was fine. Why wasnt that a wake up call for Matt?
    It was very important to get that Nat Geo to Kevin, and that goes nowhere.
    So, so many more.

    I dont mind open to interpretation endings, but I hate plot threads that go nowhere. Leftover blue balls.

  9. I think it was implied by the other stories going on around the finale that she chickened out and never left but just made up that story so that everyone could be at peace with what happened. I don't really remember though.
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