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Thread: Completion Thread: 2015 FINISH HIM!!

  1. Quote Originally Posted by No One View Post
    4.) Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PSV)

    ... I'd even go so far as to say it's superior to 999 (my previous favorite Chunsoft effort).

  2. I was surprised too!

  3. 6. Forza Horizon Presents Fast & The Furious featuring Luda
    1000/1000'd. A good couple of hours, wish the cars were available in FH2.

    7. RE:R2
    This was pretty good in general. Chapter 3 felt like it took forever though. Can't wait for online raid mode to be unlocked tomorrow. I really liked how this game played, like if REmake HD played like this I'd enjoy it a lot more, I understand it can't because it was built around specific camera angles but whatever.

  4. Tomb Raider (360)
    I had a blast with this. Combat is a lot of fun and the controls feel great. Finished with 84% completion, the amount of collect ables is a bit goofy. The hidden challenges are a cool idea, makes exploration more interesting. Really wish the hidden tombs were more than a corridor and one room though, a bit of a waste there. Impressive game, makes me look forward to the next one.

  5. Finished The Walking Dead Season One. Mixed feelings. Didn't quite live up to the hype for me, and obviously there's very little in terms of gameplay, but it did do an excellent job of capturing the vibe of the comics with original characters. On to Season Two now...

  6. 2. Bloodborne

    I got the middle ending, where you refuse Gerhmann but don't fight the moon beast.

    Wonderful game. At first I wasn't sold on the setting compared to that of the other Souls games, but it's so well executed that I didn't care in the end. It's every bit as overwhelmingly huge and mysterious and dark and oppressive, if not moreso. There are some seriously disgusting monsters, to the point where the grosser enemies in Dark Souls look quaint in comparison. The combat is more enjoyable than in any Souls game, with health recovery and side stepping promoting aggressive play, and all of the boss battles highlight this so well. It's the most consistent game in the series, too, without any areas coming to mind as being standout weaker than the others. And holy shit, the fight at the end! That was so intense! I can't believe there's even another boss after that. I've got more shit to do, like the Chalice dungeons (which start off weak but I hear get pretty good?) and some PVP.

    Resogun's cool and Guilty Gear Xrd in 1080p is neat but this is pretty much the PS4 game.
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    7. Bloodborne (PS4)


    As was always evident, the next generation has finally begun. It's pretty hard to live up to that hype, but this one really did. I managed all three endings, thanks to backing up my save before going after Gehrman and ulitimately Moon Presence. The latter gave me 230,000 blood echoes! I'm one weapon, the precious gem, and Yharnam away from the Platinum, but I know the Chalice Dungeon crawl is longer than that sounds. I played the whole game with the Threaded Cane, eventually getting it to +10. I also never switched from the Repeating Pistol from very early on, getting it to +9. Using the Cane, especially when going to Cainhurst really brought home the Bloodlines feeling of Bloodborne. This may also be related to my character being named John Morris.

    2015 Totals
    By Platform: 3 PC, 1 PS3, 2 PS4, 1 PSV
    By Country of Origin: 5 JPN, 2 US
    By Publisher: 1 Bethesda, 1 Capcom, 1 NIS, 1 TellTale, 3 Sony

  8. 5.) Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop)

    For $4 this was a fun way to kill a couple hours. The mock Engrish and old school credits made me smile.

    6.) Suikoden (PSN)

    Despite not playing this for at least 15 years, I still remembered where and when to track down all 108 stars and got the good ending at just under 20 hours. The translation grated on me more than it did when I was younger, but otherwise I had a blast revisiting it.

    7.) Muramasa Rebirth (PSV)

    I never experienced the original Muramasa on Wii after reading about the issues people had with the control scheme, so my initial impressions weren't tarnished by memories of d-pad jumping shenanigans going into this port. I loved every minute of it. The backtracking didn't annoy me because there was so much to take in visually that it was a joy just exploring the world Vanillaware created. Of special note is the DLC, which I think is even better than the base game. Rajyaki's chapter in particular really needs to be expanded into a full game; she and Seikichi are far too interesting to be limited to a 2-3 hour adventure. Oh, and the soundtrack is spectacular.

    Without question one of my favorite games on Vita.
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    8. Battlefield: Hardline (PC, Veteran)

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    This is one cynical game, but I thought it was a ride-along worth riding, even with the Origin albatross which doesn't even support screenshots. I chose to go the procedural route (or as close as this game gets to it) until the very end, at which point I had all the evidence and warrants filled and parked myself on a hill with a sniper rifle to clean out most of resistance. I really liked the setting, and there were some awesome views of digital Miami opening each episode. It was no Vice City, but nothing else is. Speaking of which, I guess my calendar is now clear for V.

    2015 Totals
    By Platform: 4 PC, 1 PS3, 2 PS4, 1 PSV
    By Country of Origin: 5 JPN, 3 US
    By Publisher: 1 Bethesda, 1 Capcom, 1 EA, 1 NIS, 1 TellTale, 3 Sony

  10. 06) Transformers: Human Alliance (AC) Played solo, score about 670K.

    A bit like L.A. Machineguns but without the damn bystanders getting in your way. The only downer is that there are a few QTEs (point the gun in a certain direction, or hit the button when the meter reaches a certain point to dodge a hazard). Overall, very good.

    Hopefully PS4 gets this with Move support.

    Finished in 2018: 25 games (AC: 11, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)

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