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Thread: Completion Thread: 2015 FINISH HIM!!

  1. If he wanted to play good stuff he should've skipped all of Origins, but here we are.

  2. Origins is good. The only part I didn't like was the Deep Roads and that is because it was about 50% too long.

  3. 02) Hard Reset: Extended Edition (PC)
    Normal difficulty- 3,681 pts.

    This is one FPS I'll surely play again, especially with its score system (try not to die too often- it will log your number of deaths and probably cut points from the mission score for that) and creative ways to kill enemies. Getting enemies crushed in hydraulic presses is just one of several fun methods to do them in. Unlike a lot of other titles, this doesn't suffer the "nothing more to see" syndrome. HR's combat does deliver a nearly Serious Sam like intensity at times. The action is what Quake 4 wishes it could offer.

    The power-up system is a bit similar to BioShock's, with N.A.N.O. being spent similarly to Adam- but all upgrades have one fixed price. The 2 weapons you use can be modified to have 4 extra modes each, effectively giving you a max of 10 weapons. Boss battles are climactic, with several weak spots needing to be taken out before one goes down for good.

    Flying Wild Hog, whose team includes some ex-members of People Can Fly, did a great job overall. I'd say this is even better than BulletStorm. The cutscenes before levels aren't bad, and there's some swearing though not nearly as much as BS. An amazing soundtrack tops this off, with combat themes having a heavy guitar/bass filled big beat style similar to Tekken 3's BGM.

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  4. Shadow of Mordor (PS4) - this game did a lot of good things. The last "boss" battle(s) were a bit ridiculous and sometimes some of the fights can be overwhelming with the amount of opponents you have to face, but this was a solid game. Really enjoyed it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    What did people think of the other DLC and Awakenings? I want to play through as much of the good stuff as possible before I go to the sequel, Dragon Age Inquisition.
    The DLC is mostly forgettable, other than the one that gives you the Golem party member, but you already beat the game so that's no good.. Awakenings is probably the only thing worth checking out if you're looking for more Origins, it's a solid expansion.

  6. Beat Shovel Knight last week at some point, and beat Funk of Titans on the X1. Of the two, shockingly, beating Shovel Knight was more fun. Actually, I beat that while recording the HG show, so that was the first game I've ever beaten while taking part in a podcast.
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  7. Finished Sunset Overdrive and Vulgarr the Viking. Both were excellent games and a great way to start off a new year.

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    1. Demon's Souls (PS3)

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    This one is five-plus years overdue. Looking back, 2009 was a quite a year for the PS3 with this and Uncharted 2. With any luck it can be replicated with their progeny in 2015. I feel like I barely scratched the surface with one play-through, but who knows when I'll have or take the time to go back with all of its follow ups lurking and everything else in my backlog. I played primarily as an archer. Between the Blue Dragon and King Allant, I ran out of arrows in the last level and had to go melee on the last boss in impromptu fashion. After beating the former, I debated leaving the level to deposit items and buy more but decided against it. A pile of healing items bailed me out of what would have otherwise been an unfortunate mistake. I also had some douchebag invade my game on that level, which is one "feature" that never should have been in the game.

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  9. 1) Wind Waker- Still mostly as amazing as i remember, and even if the handful of upgrades definitely helped, it's saying a lot when so many games have seemingly deteriorated in the real world from that perfect vision in my mind *ahem* specifically Beyond Good and Evil. There are a few things that keep it from being a perfect game, like the Wind Temple being one of the less interesting dungeons and the final dungeon being mostly crap, among other places where it becomes obvious they needed a little more time. Some of the stuff would only be obvious if you try to find and do everything, but some elements are obvious on a normal play-through. It gets repetitive when you find little secret chambers and they're all just monster rooms. The Triforce hunt wasn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be, but they cut it down a lot from the original and it would've been better if there had been another mini dungeon or two. I would've really liked to see one more dungeon, maybe a temple in underwater Hyrule instead of a trot to Ganon's Tower or maybe a real ghost ship dungeon.
    The good stuff is still great: the characters are the most vibrant in the series, it's fun finding all the little secret caverns, and i had as much fun just wandering around as i did going to the next objective. The reveal of Sunken Hyrule and the ending with Ganon with a sword sticking out of his face and the water cascading down, flooding Hyrule FOREVER are some of the most memorable moments in a video game. I know it's the most divisive in the series, but it's all for the things that make it, along with Majora, the most interesting.
    i want to keep talking but i don't think anyone's going to read this.
    The fast sail and cutting down on the Triforce hunt were necessary for these future years of 2013-2015, and upgrading the capacity of the pictobox means that i might actually get all of the figurines on a 2nd Quest play-through. But... I said i was going to finish that quest back in 2003 and it might be 2023 before i try again.

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    2.) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)

    This is the most fun I've had with a Zelda game since Majora's Mask. The wall merge mechanic is clever and compliments the classic LttP gameplay extremely well, the new inventory system is brilliant and the 3D effects are the best I've seen on the system so far. It felt refreshingly lean, too; despite having a lot to do, it never once starts to feel like a slog (something the most recent console iterations had a problem with). Super charming throughout.

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